Giorgio Bosso

Reiki Practitioner – Energy Work, Spiritual Coach

“I treat the whole you, not the symptoms or the illness. Giorgio Bosso

My name is Giorgio and I’m a Usui Reiki Practitioner based in Los Angeles. I am a registered practitioner at IARP and an Ordained Minister.

I became a Reiki practitioner because I was looking for a healing modality to integrate my 20+ years of experience in the fields of Mindfulness and Healing.

I began my professional life as a hairdresser in Milan Italy.  Although the work was fulling in many ways, it soon became apparent early on that this was not to be my path.

I was naturally guided towards more self-healing modalities that provided me the tools for self-discovery like yoga and meditation as well as Rebirth Breath work. At the same time, I worked as a Drug Counselor in Milan, with an organization named CeAS for 6 years. There I learned much more about suffering and self destruction. My role there was facilitating self-help groups and one-on-one counseling with the residents and their families.  I was able to deepen my own education with this experience and at the same time take special courses in Psychodrama and Movement Therapy.  I was then promoted to Director just a few years before I came to the U.S.

When I moved here, I become curios about macrobiotic cooking. I took a 2 year course and studied at the Michio Kushi Institute, where I received a level 2 certification.  At that time, I became very intrigued about Feng-Shui. I studied its theory and application for 5 years with Prof. Lin Yu and my mentor Katherine M.  It was then with my work as a Macrobiotic Chef and Feng-Shui Practitioner that I noticed a curious pattern: In each work I did, there was a deep need for people to share more about themselves despite the reason they hired me.

While in California, I did many different jobs, such as volunteering at APLA, facilitating self-help groups for people affected by AIDS-HIV (an experience that I carried with me from Italy,) and working with a conservatory agency that cared for individuals in hospice and/or hospitals in California where, once again, I learned more about human suffering and the desperate need for my clients to share their lives on an even deeper level as they were transitioning.

I listened with an open heart.

I know, first hand, that facing a health or emotional crisis can create a heightened state of stress; and, this disruptive energy can block one’s ability to form cohesive thoughts and navigate with clarity. I have intimate knowledge of this heightened state of stress and fear due to my own diagnosis of prostate cancer, which was found during a routine exam in 2009. This diagnosis was unexpected, given my healthy lifestyle and no family history of the disease. For the specialist, the only viable option was surgery. But his approach and manner created fear and confusion. I had a deep sense of intuition that I needed to empower myself with knowledge about alternative methods of healing. Removing fear of the diagnosis and of the unknown surrounding it took many days. Returning to the rhythm of my years of healing work enabled me to experience calmness and clarity.  I then began my research and found an alternative healing method called Proton Radiation. It met all the criteria: simple, low risk and a focused radiation area. I incorporated a strict macrobiotic diet and daily meditation to speed up my recovery during and after the radiation treatments.  I have been cancer free for over 8 years.

At this point, I began to realize that all my life experiences happened in chronological order.  It seemed that each experience led me to a deeper understanding of the human condition. As I fully accepted may own participation on my journey and my willingness to take responsibility for my healing.  I then understood my need to share it with others.  But how could I do this?  What path could I then take to share this experience and be of service to humanity?  My question was answered while studying an online course to become a Spiritual Coach. It was during this study that I discovered Reiki.   So in 2017, I become a Reiki Practitioner.  Reiki modalities can dramatically improve your health and well-being. Because Reiki does not involve any religion or dogma, I felt this was a perfect match for me.  Reiki addresses the WHOLE person, rather than targeting individual symptoms. It creates a profound and often subtle shift from deep within your own being.  You are able to release difficult emotions without effort, build a  trust in yourself and connect more deeply with your inner wisdom, creativity and purpose.

I invite you to read more about Reiki on my web site.  Looking forward to seeing you on my Reiki Table.