How Reiki Can Help You

One of the greatest benefits of Reiki is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities to reset your mental, physical and emotional energetic field. A Reiki treatment brings about a calm and more peaceful state of mind, in which a person is better able to face everyday challenges. This mental balance and clarity can help you see your pre-set conditioning as well as leading a life with less worries and fears. Relaxation is the gateway to self-healing – when your body relaxes you feel better, your digest better, and your sleep is improved. When the body down regulates the nervous system from fight response into a rest and digestive state, you allow the body’s healing response to become to the surface to restore itself and regain balance. Reiki can potentially benefit anyone. Whether you are healthy and want to stay that way or if addressing a health concern.

The following benefits come from my own clients after a Reiki session:

Reduce pain
Induce deep relaxation
Reduce fatigue
Your think more clearly
Release of emotional wounds
You feel energized

And for an in depth benefits of Reiki please go to Reiki and Western Medicine link to read more about the medical benefits and use on medical settings.